With our state-of-the-art fire pump equipment, Fail Safe provides fire departments with yearly required NFPA 1911–2012 service tests on location, without having to leave your district. Using clean and cool water our tests, are safer on your pump.

Fire pumps are tested through a series of flow rate percentages to assure they generate proper GPM and pressures. Each pump test lasts approximately 1.5 to 2 hours depending upon type, size and conditions.

Fail Safe's mobile pump testing units are designed to allow us to test the fire departments apparatus on location with minimal downtime, and limited use of municipal water, water tankers, or cisterns. We use clean, cool water to test your pump minimizing potential damage.

Fail Safe's testing includes:

  • Visual inspection (undercarriage)
  • Gathering of critical apparatus, engine, and pump information
  • Capacity test, 100% at 150 PSI for 20 minutes
  • Overload test, 100% at 165 psi for 5 minutes
  • 70% test, at 200 PSI for 10 minutes
  • 50% test at 200 psi, for 10 minutes
  • Gauge accuracy
  • Relief valve operation

Our mobile pump testing equipment is quality machined to ensure that testing is accurate and performed according to complex NFPA specifications. We perform testing from draft as required by NFPA from our onboard rolling reservoir.

Because we draft from and pump water back into our mobile 3000 gallon tank unit, we reuse water saving your town money and conserving resources. Instead of drafting from lakes, ponds or streams, we use clean, clear, cool water to assure no damaging materials get into your pump.

Each test is supervised by a certified EVT (Emergency Vehicle Technician) professional who adheres to all EVT and strict NFPA standards. This affords our clients the knowledge that their equipment is being tested to the highest standards, accepted by ISO, and will be evaluated in accordance with required operating metrics needed to give you the confidence that your apparatus will perform as required.

All pump testing is recorded electronically on-site into the Fail Safe Safety Testing Database that keeps track of your current and prior year service testing details. This information is provided to you in any desired output - both paper and electronic - and can be retrieved electronically by you 24/7!

Certified Technicians and Service Area Our trained, EVT certified pump techs have years of experience in REAL FIRE situations and can help you pinpoint problems with your apparatus and assure safe fire ground operations. Our techs are certified pump mechanics who know how important the HEART AND SOUL of your fire truck is to the entire operation and to keeping you safe. Put your pump in the hands of a FAIL SAFE MOBILE PUMP TECH today to find out why we are your SILENT PARTNER IN SAFETY!

Our mobile fire pump service area currently includes the New Jersey – New York Metro area. We are currently available to service outside of this area for larger cities and group accounts. Call us for details! We plan on adding pump service to our entire service area during the next 24 to 36 months. Stay tuned.

  • Self Contained Pump Test Station
    Fail Safe's state-of-the-art equipment can draft 3000 GPM of clean and clear water, with controls for all required test pressures.
  • Pump Test Lines
    All hose lines run between the Fail Safe Pump Test apparatus, your local hydrant or water source, and the apparatus being tested.
  • Grade A ASME Approved Gauges
    Fail Safe's pump monitor station accurately reflects pump conditions during testing assuming compliancy.
  • Electronic Recording
    All pump testing results are recorded in real-time and available 24/7. Our proprietary system ensures all tests are performed to NFPA standards, and results are automatically graded.
  • Test Pressures
    Each engine is rated for certain engine performance loads. Our certified EVT professionals ensure that all pumps are checked to the manufacturer's standards.
  • Gauges
    Our testing personnel will check to see if the engines guages are both operational and accurate. We compare readings against our annually certified pump test gauges.
  • Test Lines
    Each pump is tested using our own hose lines so your hose loads remain in place!
  • Pressure
    We have dual in-line pitot guage compartments on board allowing us to test up to 2500 GPM pumps accurately and efficiently.
  • Drafting
    Our dual 6" drafting tubes allow us to pump test your high-capacity pumps on location.
  • Pressure Adjustment
    All pump flows are checked by our own accurate monitoring equipment providing an indication that your pump can deliver as advertised.
  • Results!
    Each engine that passes Fail Safe's rigorous NFPA standards test has affixed a testing decal providing a reference on when the apparatus had its last passing service test.